• Centro de Interpretação e Informação do Montemuro e Paiva

    Housed in the manor of Mendonças, reveals a fraction of a vast territory delimited by the Sierra of Montemuro and the river Paiva. It aims to be a starting point to the conquest of the territory... come and visit!

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Reception / Magic Territory

Where visitors have the first contact with the territory, through texts and an interactive application.

Hiking Trails

Room which displays the Hiking Trails network located in Castro Daire's territory.

Men and History

Room which displays some archaeological pieces and tells the story of the key moments of human occupation. The atmosphere is dark and intimate, creating a relationship between the present and the past.

The Paiva

River Paiva, it's strength and vigor. The impact is created through a film projected on the wall. Here the visitor can also access an interactive application with contents comprising not only aspects of the biodiversity of the river Paiva, but also the relationship between humans and this important watercourse.

Sierra of Montemuro

Here, through a contemporary set design associated with the projection of a film, the audience can realize the influence that this sierra has on the identity of this territory. Sharpen your curiosity and explore the most unknown Sierra of Portugal ...


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